Is Indoor Air Quality Better Than Outdoor?

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Although it may seem counterintuitive, indoor air quality does not differ from outside air. You should consider that homes are more tightly sealed and insulated, which means there is less chance for outside air to enter the home. Poor ventilation can lead to indoor air quality problems. This can make it more difficult to maintain your home clean and increase allergy symptoms. Aircon Man’s indoor air quality specialists can help you identify and fix poor indoor air quality in Singapore . AIRCONMAN.SG is a aircon servicing singapre service provider that specializes in air Conditioning servicing and Aircon Installations in Singapore is a fantastic option.

What causes poor indoor air quality?

There are many common sources of indoor air that can make indoor air less healthy.

Carpets and furniture can be off-gassed

Formaldehyde is used to stabilize fabrics and fibers in furniture, window treatments and carpeting. The formaldehyde gradually releases into your home after installation. This is the “new car smell” that often comes with new furniture.

Volatile Organic Compounds, (VOCs), are found in cleaning products and paints.

Many household cleaners and paint products are made up of volatile organic compounds. These volatile organic compounds can also diffuse over time into the indoor air. VOCs can cause irritation to your eyes, nose and throat, as well as long-term health problems.

Carbon monoxide and other combustion by-products are examples of the products you get from your heating system.

Carbon monoxide, a colorless and odorless gas, can be deadly if not detected and solved. Other combustion byproducts, such as smoke from stoves, can also cause irritation and a lingering odor.

Dirty or dusty ductwork

Ductwork circulates heated or cooled air throughout your home. If ductwork isn’t properly sealed or maintained, dirt, allergens and dust can build up.

Pet dander

Dander can be shed by furry friends, which can lead to allergies in certain family members. Poor ventilation or air circulation can cause a buildup in these dander particles, which can increase allergy symptoms.


Excessive moisture levels in your Stone Harbor NJ house can lead to mold and mildew that can cause respiratory problems as well as making your home odourless.

Heating & Cooling System Maintenance

Your HVAC system circulates air throughout your home. It is important to ensure it is running at maximum efficiency. This will help improve IAQ and keep heating and cooling costs low. An annual maintenance checkup of both your heating and cooling system, which includes a filter change, will make a significant improvement in IAQ. Routine maintenance can save your life by checking for carbon monoxide leaks.

Duct Cleaning

HVAC ductwork inspections can reveal leaks or poor duct sealing and could help to remove contaminants from your attic, circulating them throughout your Mount Laurel NJ house.

Sealing Air

Weatherization or air sealing is crucial to keep outside allergens from entering your indoors. Many homes have cracks and gaps in their walls, ceilings, or attic which allow outside air to enter. This can reduce your heating and cooling efficiency, as well as increase IAQ problems such asthma and other respiratory symptoms. Aircon Man’s experts can perform a home energy audit to find where your home is leaking. Your insulation will work properly once these gaps have been closed. You can also reduce your energy bills by reducing your energy consumption.

Air Purifiers

To ensure healthy indoor air quality, purifiers can remove allergens, pet hair, and other harmful pollutants. Aircon Man Service is an expert in air purifiers and can help you choose the best one for your Cherry Hill NJ house.

Dehumidifier & Humidifier Services

Moisture control is a key component of indoor air quality improvement and overall comfort. Aircon Man offers a wide range of humidity control products, including dehumidifiers that remove humidity and moisturizing during dry winter months.