It is changing rapidly how people make a living. Every year, we see more people take up online jobs. Amazingly, nearly $1.2 trillion was earned in income from online freelance jobs last year by 59 million Americans.

Online jobs can be great for anyone looking to get out of the 9-5 grind and make extra money.

However, searching online for work often means going through numerous sites. It’s becoming more difficult to find legitimate jobs online as job opportunities become more competitive. We researched each job opportunity thoroughly and compiled the best online opportunities to make money in 2022.

This post will share 25 of the best online jobs that anyone can do to make an income. We’ll give you an estimate of your hourly earnings for each job and a list of websites where you can apply.

15 Jobs You Can Do From Home Online in 2022

Here are the top online jobs that you can get today. To make it easier for you to select, we have broken it down into experience and non-experience roles. We hope that you will find something that suits your needs and goals.

Online jobs that require some experience

1. Manager Social Media

You could help businesses promote their products on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms if you have experience running campaigns. Businesses may need assistance with managing comments, growing their communities, and improving social-selling. You can take on clients as long as you are able to share videos and include funny GIFs.

  • Hourly earnings $16-$50
  • You can find jobs at: Indeed, Upwork, PeoplePerHour

2. Online Tutor

Do you have a strong knowledge of math, physics or another language? You may be qualified to apply for teaching jobs online that require you tutor students all over the globe. Employers and job portals often require tutors to hold a bachelor’s degree. Make sure you have this knowledge before you apply. ESL and any other subject teaching qualification will increase your chances of becoming an internet tutor.

  • Hourly earnings: $10-25
  • You can find jobs at: VIPkid. Chegg Tutors.

3. Bookkeeper

Are you interested in finance and banking? Are you a person who loves to manage your personal finances? If so, consider bookkeeping. Bookkeepers are needed by most businesses to manage and track their finances. Bookkeepers are responsible for recording income and expenses, invoicing clients and preparing financial reports. Reach out to local businesses for your first job in bookkeeping online.

  • Hourly earnings: $25-50
  • Find jobs on:, Indeed, FlexJobs

4. Personal trainer

Online personal-training jobs are a great option for fitness enthusiasts who have a good understanding of proper exercises. Online coaching allows you to train anyone at any time, from anywhere. This gives you the chance to work with more clients. You have the option to train people through Zoom/Skype, either in a group or one-on-1 setting.

  • Hourly earnings: $20-$70
  • You can find jobs at: Fiverr, Glassdoor

5. Online Beauty Advisor

It’s never been more popular to become an online beauty advisor, with the growing popularity of makeup and beauty. Your clients will be more confident if you share your expertise in beauty and skincare. You can consult clients in your local area or internationally depending on what niche you are working in, and build a reputation that will lead to great things.

  • Hourly earnings: $5-$45+
  • Apply for jobs at: Beautytap, ZipRecruiter

6. Online Recruiter

In the past, recruiters worked in offices. But, things have changed and you can now work remotely as a recruiter. You will be responsible for posting job vacancies and finding potential employees for your company. You may be required to conduct an initial phone interview by some companies in order to screen potential employees and pass the top candidates to the appropriate manager.

  • Earnings per hour: $20-40
  • Search for jobs at:, Jooble

7. Email Marketer

Are you a master of a particular skill that isn’t available to others? Are you able to create email subject lines that people love? You can make money by managing email campaigns for businesses. Employers will be more inclined to give you a contract if you can convince recipients. If you help businesses increase their email list, it will be a major bonus.

  • Hourly earnings between $30 and $45
  • You can find jobs at: Upwork, PeoplePerHour and LinkedIn

8. Freelance writer

You can write for magazines, blogs, journals, or newspapers online if you are a skilled writer. Writing freelance is an online job that can pay well. This is because more companies are looking for quality content. You will need to have passion for the niche you are working in.

  • Earnings per hour: $15-$100
  • You can find jobs at: FlexJobs, Problogger Jobs, BloggingPro

9. Proofreader

Are you a good judge of grammar and can spot mistakes quickly. You might be a good candidate for the role of proofreader. You’ll need to proofread all types of content including emails, blog posts, business documents and more. You will act as a second pair of eyes for publishers, helping them to create professional content.

  • Hourly earnings: $12-50
  • You can find jobs at: Upwork, Monster and Freelancer

10. Web Designer

You can work in tech companies, NGOs and other organizations if you’re skilled at designing websites. Employers will assess your skills in Adobe Illustrator, UX and CSS. You can easily make a decent income with just a few skills, and the ability create visually appealing webpages.

  • Hourly earnings between $30 and $50
  • You can find jobs at: 99designer. Upwork.

11. Instagram Influencer

You can become an Instagram influencer if you’re between 13 and 17 years old. You can work part-time and from your own home, making this one of the most popular online jobs for teens. Nearly every business wants to work with influencers that can increase and sustain their Instagram reach. You will be a successful influencer if you can create Instagram Stories that are unique, use hashtags effectively, and create captivating captions.

  • Hourly earnings $7-$40
  • Search for jobs at: SimplyHired, LinkedIn

12. SEO Expert

Many companies are seeking individuals to improve their search engine rankings. You must have the ability to build backlinks and optimize existing website content in order to work as an SEO specialist. While some prefer or require direct experience in this field, it is not required.

  • Earnings per hour: $15-$50
  • Search for jobs at: PeoplePerHour. Fiverr.

13. Facebook Ads Specialist

Although Facebook ads are a great way to increase sales, most businesses don’t have the time or expertise to launch campaigns. This is why Facebook ads specialists are in high demand. You can get a variety of online jobs if you are able to create enticing ads and tailor campaigns to specific audience segments.

  • Hourly earnings between $30 and $100
  • You can find jobs at: Indeed, SimplyHired, Hubstaff Talent

14. Graphic Designer

Graphic design could be a specialty. Graphic design is crucial for any business. However, inexperience with Adobe Photoshop can make it difficult to find a job. You should know that not all companies need fancy designs. Some require basic graphics using PicMonkey or Canva. These apps can be used by anyone with basic computer skills. Then, they can be used to apply for the relevant jobs.

  • Hourly earnings: $25-50
  • You can find jobs at: Dribbble, Upwork

15. Voiceover Artist

Voiceover artists may be available to you if you have an appealing voice and a natural accent. Voiceover jobs online include voiceover work in films, cartoons and podcasts. Before you submit any applications to potential employers, make sure you have a good computer with an internet connection and audio software such as Audacity.

  • Hourly earnings: $20-60
  • You can find jobs at:, and Upwork