How to create a Business Facebook Page without a Personal Account


How to create a Business Facebook Page without a Personal Account

You can create a Facebook business page without having a personal account. Many companies have used Facebook to promote their brand and market. Not all businesses have the time or funds to set up a Facebook page. Facebook offers a free account for businesses that lets you create a page. Here are the steps you could take to create a Facebook business page without creating your own personal account.

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First, ensure that you have an account. Although you may have a personal account with Facebook, you do not require it to create an account for your business. While creating a business page is identical to creating a profile for yourself on Facebook, there are some key differences. A business page can be access by anyone, while the personal profile is only accessible to those who have given permission.

If you already have an account on Google+, you can set up a company page by providing an email address. The page is a bit sparse and requires some work before you can publish it. It is also important to decide if you would like to join WhatsApp. This will allow you to put an WhatsApp button on the page, and let people to send messages directly to your WhatsApp account. Then, you can promote your business on Facebook.

It was easy to create an official Facebook page for your business without having an individual account. Facebook offers an option that allows you to separate the personal account of your business. Once you’ve completed the process, you can sign in to your business profile and include any details about your business. Check your email in order to verify the new website is up and running without the personal account you have created.

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