Hinata Shoyo: Bio


Shoyo Hinata (Japanese Hinata Shoyo), is the main protagonist in the Haikyu! Haruichi Furudate. Hinata, a first-year student at Karasuno High who was also one of the volleyball team’s middle blockers, was the subject of most of the series.

Hinata was made a member in 2018 of the MSBY Black Jackals. This is a Division 1 team within the V-League. During the 2021 fashion collage Olympics, he was a member of Japan’s Men’s Volleyball Team. He is now a member in 2022 of Asas Sao Paulo which is a professional Brazilian team.

Hinata Shoyo: Appearance

Hinata was 162.8 cm when he entered high school. He grew to 164.2 cm by the end of the school year. He is second in height to Nishinoya on the Karasuno volleyball squad. His unruly, brown hair is a result of his orange eyes and unruly brown hair. He is often mistaken for a junior high or grade school student due to his short stature and thin build. Hinata usually wears his Karasuno school uniform, a black jacket and pants. Under his jacket, he wears a sweatshirt in beige or tan. In the first episode, he was wearing the Yukigaoka Junior high green volleyball uniform.

Hinata’s volleyball uniform is a black jersey with corresponding shorts and white stripes at the sides. His position number 10, which is also the number worn by the Small Giant, can be found on the jersey. The back of the jersey bristol fashion also has his school’s name in kanji. He wears white sneakers with red accents on his kneepads while playing volleyball.


Hinata is a happy and energetic person. Hinata is a natural extrovert and can sometimes be loud, which is a second-best trait to Tanaka and Nishinoya. Hinata Shoyo is a very simple-minded person, which can sometimes lead to him making rash decisions. He is also very observant. He can read social cues and is extremely compassionate towards others’ problems. He is a great listener and can often tell others what they need to hear in order to help them move forward. His teammates often use his natural charm to win people over, such as when Nishinoya offered to help with Hinata’s receives after feeling honoured by the first-year. He is a friendly, straightforward person who can easily make friends with even the most quiet of people like Kenma from Nekoma High or Aone from Date Tech High.

Despite his bubbly personality, Hinata has a serious attitude when it comes volleyball. Hinata’s passion for the sport shows in his incredible display of tenacity, which is a result of his constant desire to improve. Sugawara stated that Hinata is a fighter who can overcome any adversity. Hinata’s intimidating face can be displayed when people undervalue him or criticize his team. Hinata is still easily scared by bigger and more powerful opponents. He develops the habit of hiding behind his closest teammate. He quickly recovers and challenges his opponents. History of the hinata Shoyo Hinata becomes overwhelmed watching the Little Giant play.

While riding his bicycle, a young Hinata passed an electronics store. The name “Small Giant”, which he heard on the big-screen TV in the storefront, made him stop [4]. Karasuno High’s volleyball match from the Spring Interhigh was on display. The Small Giant, like Hinata, was short fit for fashion but he won against 20cm taller blockers. This black-clad figure in Karasuno’s uniform was a familiar sight to Hinata and he is now inspired to do so. After he graduated from Yukigaoka Junior High, he joined the volleyball club and was the only one. Hinata was determined to keep practicing and would either practice alone in the gymnasium or with others on the other side of the sports field.

Hinata Shoyo became nervous after seeing their opponent and ran to the toilet. He heard some second-years of Kitagawa Daiichi hurling abuse at his team. He clearly spoke back, only to be ridiculed because of his size. Tobio Kageyama (Kitagawa’s King of the Court), appeared to mock his team for looking down upon their opponents. He continued his tirades by turning to Hinata. Kageyama criticized Hinata’s inability to jump and his stupid determination to win despite that. Hinata responded by claiming that he can jump and that he will win every match. Hinata declares that he will beat Kageyama in the future.

Hinata attempted a spike, but was stopped by the Kitagawa Daiichi blocks. He kept his cool but soon realized that Kitagawa DAIICHI was dominating the match. Hinata refused to quit despite being in an impossible situation. He simply replied that it was because they hadn’t lost yet. Izumi missed a toss in the next play but Hinata surprised everyone when he still managed it. Unfortunately, the spike landed out of bounds, and cost them their match. Kageyama noticed Hinata’s amazing stamina and jumping power as well as his determination to win. Kageyama gained some respect for Hinata, but was also very critical of Hinata’s potential wastefulness.

The match lasted just 31 minutes and was won by the hinata Shoyo Team. Hinata was able to recall Kageyama’s name as well as his title of kalki fashion “King” of the Court. After the match, Hinata approached Kageyama to announce that he would overthrow the setter. Kageyama accepted the challenge, but advised him to first grow stronger. After that, Hinata continued to train hard by running, playing volleyball with the girls and joining the mothers’ soccer team. He graduated quickly and enrolled at Karasuno High, his dream school.

Hinata, who lives in Yukigaoka now with his mother and younger sibling, commutes each morning to Karasuno by riding a 30-minute bike through the mountains. It would normally take 40 minutes, but Hinata is used to riding over mountains since junior high.

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