How Does Invisalign Work?


Invisalign is a name used for a particular teeth straightening method which is virtually invisible. The product is made up of very thin plastic sheet which are transparent and hence, extremely difficult to see or notice. This is precisely why among the various technologies in cosmetic dentistry we have it at the very forefront. The sheer invisibility is the reason why they are preferred more than traditional braces and other aligners. There are numerous top notch dental clinics who provide services regarding invisalign in Orange County. The aligners that are fitted to your teeth are see-through and removable. As they are customized to fit into the teeth, they are also more comfortable to use when compared to traditional braces.

A thermoplastic material is used to make the custom-made aligners especially designed for the Invisalign treatment and they might remind you of the teeth whitening trays. After obtaining the impression of your mouth a series of aligners will be designed for you to change the positions of your teeth, the sequence of which will be planned by your doctor.Over the duration of your treatment you will receive multiple set of aligners which are constructed with the purpose of making slight adjustments to the alignment and position of your teeth. The whole process will have to be mapped out before beginning with the treatment and hence, it is largely pre-planned. The success and the duration of treatment both depends on the gradual progress you make with the customized aligners. Invisaligncauses the teeth to shift from their original positions to the desired positions gradually and each set of aligners are ideally worn for two weeks to effect the change of position.

This is done by application of controlled force. The controlled force is appropriately placed and applied and one of the things that separate Invisalign treatment from other methods is that along with controlling the force, Invisalign also controls the timing of the application of force. Each stage only allows certain teeth to change their positions slightly and it is not a process aimed at achieving a dramatic feat quickly. For each person the changes in each step will be unique and different. The treatment generally starts after a careful assessment of your condition. The time taken for the treatment to complete can vary from six months to a year or even more depending on how severe the misalignment is.As people are generally accustomed to braces there is a doubt among people whether clear aligners will actually work. The treatment is a modern one and relies on technological advancements like 3D images to track the progress by comparing the positions of the teeth and mapping out the movements. Hence, as you avail this treatment you would be able to see the changes it brings to your teeth. Further, dentists also use attachments to perfect the smile in addition to Invisalign, hence the mode of operation is varied and unique for each patient.

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