Tadalafil 5mg: Reasons it could be the right choice for you


Have you ever thought about daily Tadalafil 2.5mg or 5mg tablets? Or if you want to learn more about a treatment that promotes a relaxed, spontaneous sex experience as well as additional health benefits, then read on. At Canada Drugs Direct, we are offering a wide range of prescription, non- prescribed and pet-related products. We have our offers and deals that are available throughout the year for both existing and new.

1. Spontaneity

Daily Tadalafil, originally introduced under the brand Cialis as an erectile disorder treatment, was revolutionary. It was the first treatment that could be taken in a small amount every day and was therefore always effective. You can have sex now, without worrying, planning or checking in. Sure. You can have sex later. It’s okay.

Traditional “when needed” erectile dysfunction tablets treatments like Vardenafil and Sildenafil can leave you lacking spontaneity in sex. Daily Tadalafil 2.5mg or 5mg should be on your list.

2. Side effects reduced

Side effects of Tadalafil are very rare. The most common being headaches, congestion, and face flushing.

Daily Tadalafil 5mg/2.5mg is a way to have a steady working concentration, rather than the fluctuating levels you experience with frequent dosing. This greatly reduces side effects.

3. Did you miss a dose? It’s not a problem

Have you gone on a weekend trip and lost your tablet? It’s not a problem.

If you have been taking Tadalafil 2.5mg or 5mg daily for more than two weeks, it will take several days for the steady concentration to disappear from your body. If you go away for a few nights but forget to bring your medication, it is likely that everything will continue working as expected for another couple of days.

4. Bonus Benefit – Tadalafil is good to your prostate

Although this is a huge benefit, I would caution you that Tadalafil should not be used as a first-line treatment to treat prostate conditions. You should still have regular health screenings and checkups. Also, seek out advice about any health issues.

The good news is that Tadalafil can be used to reduce prostate enlargement. Tadalafil can help you keep your prostate healthy, regardless of whether you have any current problems.

A quick note – If your doctor has diagnosed you with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, we will gladly give you information and advice.

5. Bonus Benefit – Tadalafil is also good for the heart

Numerous studies 2,3 have shown that Tadalafil is beneficial for people suffering from cardiovascular disease – heart disease, hypertension, heart failure, and coronary heart disease.

Tadalafil increases blood flow to the sexual organs. This increased blood flow can also be seen in the heart muscle, causing it to repair and strengthen some biological degrading effects of heart disease.

Let’s sum it up…

This treatment is a great fit for men who want more spontaneity in their intimate relationships and has many health benefits.