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The UK has placed further restrictions on travel for the future, as you probably know. Travel plans for those in the new Tier 4 category could be most affected. It is important that you check the status of your flight and confirm the airline’s Travel Up Reviews rules until the time of travel.

Click here to continue using our Voucher/Refund Request or LIVE Status Check service. If your flight is cancelled or canceled, you can check to see if the airline will accept refunds or offer a voucher.

The team is still available to assist those who need it. We are aware that our team is extremely busy, but we will try to answer your queries Travel Size Cologne as soon as possible.

We are aware that the most recent news will have a huge impact on many customers’ travel reviews

Travel Up Reviews is truly sorry for any inconvenience caused by these plans

  • Keep safe and healthy
  • Team TravelUp
  • Last updated 03-July2020
  • Ali Shah, CEO at TravelUp.

Things are starting to improve after so many difficult and challenging weeks, especially in the travel industry. People are booking again flights and excited about their future vacations.

Our primary goal is to get refunds from airlines. We have refunded over 50% of coronavirus-infected customers, but there are still many claims that need to be approved by the airlines.

This is an opportunity for me to address the delays and explain what we are doing.

Travel Up Reviews industry was devastated by the coronavirus crisis. We received a huge number of requests for refunds on cancelled and rearrangement flights. We went from accepting thousands of new bookings per day to receiving the same amount of refund requests.

We were not prepared in all honesty for this. We could have done things better, and I apologize to all of our customers for any mistakes.

We had fifteen members of a dedicated customer service team before COVID-19. They were capable of handling any issues that might arise after booking.

After flights were grounded, rebooking requests and refund requests came in floods. We decided to close our phones and go online to manage everything.

My team, who had begun to work remotely, were overwhelmed by calls and couldn’t prioritize in an order of importance. This was for their safety. We were all struggling to deal with the coronavirus pressures that came our way as a company.

Many of you are annoyed by the time it takes to get your money back for cancellation flights.

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