Youtube Content ID: How to protect and monetize your videos


Internet marketers are well-known for creating great content for their subscribers, fans, and customers in many media formats. YouTube marketing is growing in popularity, but many entrepreneurs are hesitant to upload video content online. They are afraid that others will steal their copyrighted videos, plagiarize them, or use their content in any other way without their permission.

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YouTube responded by creating Content ID, a system that protects video creators against being cheated. You can manage your content however you like. Content ID offers enough flexibility to allow you to control how your videos are distributed.

The basics

YouTube scans your uploaded videos and compares them with content from other content providers. If there is a match (i.e. You decide what action to take if someone uploads a video that contains your material. YouTube issues the offending party with a Content ID claim. You can then do any or all of the following:

You can block a video from being viewed. You have the power to block videos from specific countries or around the world as a copyright owner. A global ban could affect the account status of the offender and restrict that person’s access for certain YouTube features. This is an option if you don’t wish your videos to be shared for any reason.

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Mute audio and other sounds. You can muffle any and all sounds in speeches, presentations, or original songs. The offender is unable to profit from your work, and it should be discouraged. This could work well if you use watermarks that have links back to your website. It will allow people to see the video, but not the content.

Advertise against the video to make it more profitable. You should monetize your videos until they are removed or retired. These videos can be left alone if they provide a steady income. You have the right to ask people to repost your videos to increase traffic and make more money.

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Keep track of the viewership statistics for your video. You may find that extra views due to unauthorized use of your video material is of benefit in certain circumstances. YouTube analytics can help you determine the best course of action. If other people will help you to spread your marketing content and reach more people, then why not?

Criteria for Eligibility

While the Content ID program is not mandatory for all internet marketers, YouTube does allow you to enforce it. This program is a good way to ensure that your brand and financial interests are protected in the event of a copyright dispute.

What do YouTube video marketers need to do in order to qualify for Content ID? These are the main criteria, as defined by YouTube:

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You retain exclusive rights to the evidence that the material is your copyrighted content.

Signing and completing an agreement with YouTube stating that only videos with exclusive rights are eligible for the program. These agreements may contain provisions regarding geographical viewing restrictions (e.g. Copyright in the USA is not applicable to Europe CNN, for example, may not allow non-U.S. users to access certain parts of their news website. S. browsers may not be able to access certain parts of their website.