Boomr Time Tracking Software Saves Businesses Thousands on Employee Timesheets & Payroll Costs


Whether you’re a freelancer, small business, or large corporation, employee time tracking for projects is a fundamental part of maintaining worker productivity. In addition to keeping track of project and payroll costs, time tracking apps will help you stay on top of project deadlines too.

Online time tracking software helps automate timesheets for your employees and store them in the cloud for payroll reports often processed by your HR team. When using a time tracking software for employee timesheets, you can take the uncertainty out of knowing how much time your employees actually worked, who worked overtime, who was on breaks too often, etc.

You also can save your company a ton of money on inefficiencies and increase productivity of all your employees while saving many thousands of dollars on your payroll costs. Your employee time clock software data needs to be automatically archived therefore prior reports are always immediately available for almost any work period.

By using an employee job tracking app, you’ll have the ability to cut back on a ton of manual work that is often ripe with errors on timesheets. Using a time tracking system will help you alleviate many of these mistakes thanks to great enhancements in new technology that automate many manual tasks. Additionally, it permits individual employees to upgrade, update, correct, and also manage job statuses as vital. One that you should know of is Boomr time tracking software. They offer one of the best-in-class employee time tracking software solutions packed with timesheet calculators, mobile time tracking with GPS, timesheet templates, and so much more value for your entire business to run payroll smoothly with their integration partners like Gusto, Paychex, ADP, XERO, Namely, and Quickbooks.

If your company is in need of a more robust time tracking solution, then you should deeply consider using Boomr for all of your time management needs. They make timesheets super easy and payroll a breeze, while saving your business thousands of dollars monthly on payroll too. You can try out their employee time tracking software free for 30-days too with their free trial. You’ll be glad you did.

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