Cart Titan



The Cart Titan had a higher endurance than the other Nine Titans. This allowed the inheritor to take part in long missions and not need to rest. The  ability to absorb water allowed it to retain its Titan form for extended periods of time. This made it a great candidate for many tactics including clearing trenches and long-term operations into enemy territory. Pieck also claims that the Cart Titan’s power allowed for hundreds of transformations per second before she felt tired. The defenses were lower than those of the Nine Titans, and it was more vulnerable to being taken Travel Up Reviews down by a severe or critical blow.  Another disadvantage was the slower regenerative speed of the Cart Titan inheritors. This meant that they took longer to heal wounds from combat.

Cart Titan Quadrupedal Form

The Cart Titan was unique among the Nine Titans because of its quadrupedal nature, which may have been what gave it its name. The inheritor of the Cart Titan was more likely to forget how to walk and instead would crawl like the Cart titan. Pieck often crawled like the in close proximity to others and used crutches for mobility.

The Cart Titan’s combat capabilities were not the only reason it was used. It also served as a transport vehicle for troops and supplies during conflict. This was evident during the Great Titan War, the Battle of Shiganshina, and the Marley Mid-East War many thousands of years later. The Cart Titan could also be used as a mobile gunnery platform. It was equipped with harnesses that could hold different weapons, including machine gun turrets as well as larger weapons like an anti-Titan cannon.

Cart Titan Speed

The was also fast, much like the Jaw . It was used in the Battle of Shiganshina, to rescue Zeke Yeager from defeat and Reiner Braun, while also catching Levi, Hange, and two of the Walls most skilled soldiers off-guard.

Like all Nine Titans, the  was created after the death Ymir Fritz. The  was in the hands of either one or more warring Eldian houses that were subservient to her Founding Titan for the 1,700 years after her death. The nation of Marley took the during the Great Titan War after Karl Fritz, the 145th King in the Fritz family, had abandoned Eldia’s conflicts and moved to Paradise Island.

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