All you need to know about job searching in the digital age


It’s much easier than ever to search for and apply for jobs. No more waiting to be called about a job by simply handing in or mailing your resume. Nearly all communication regarding job searches is done electronically. The employer won’t be able to see you face or interact with you until you are invited for a job interview. Therefore, your paperwork and follow-up must be correct.

Here’s everything you need about landing a job online, from applying for jobs to following up on interviews.

Your resume should be built

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) scans through resumes to determine if a hiring manager has seen your application. You can create your resume to submit for an online application. This will ensure that it makes it past any ATS.

Michael Krikheli (co-founder of ZipJob), says that ATS software usage has increased dramatically in the past few years. Krikheli recommends that your resume be tailored for both the company and the applicant tracking system. These are some tips to increase your chances of a follow up.

Make sure you use the right keywords for the industry or position.

You must ensure that your document is free of spelling and grammatical errors. Microsoft Word does not suffice to fix all errors. Send it to a friend, or to a professional for review.

Send your resume as a.docx or.docx file.

Krikheli stated that while your resume should be optimized to the ATS, it is important to remember that anyone will read it once it has been sent. Your resume should be optimized for the ATS, easy to read, and effective when a recruiter examines it.

Apply for jobs

You have seemingly limitless options when searching online for a job. Websites like LinkedIn, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Mediabistro, etc. This is a great place to find job listings, but candidates should first contact the companies they are interested in to look for open positions.

It can be difficult to tell which job board or ATS is more effective. Candidats may find it easier to find the right job by turning to niche job boards that are specific in their field or industry.

Augustine stated that if the company doesn’t use ATS software for managing its recruitment process, then you might be able to skip the pre-screening of the robot application when you apply directly to their listings. Your candidacy could be more likely to get considered for the job, as these systems can often reject great candidates whose resumes have not been formatted or written with this technology in mind.

You can track your progress

Organization is crucial. Augustine recommended that you set up a folder on your computer or in the cloud to have easy access. This will allow you to save copies of any resumes or cover letters that you create for a specific job opening. It’s important that you copy and paste the job description into a file in order to be able to refer back to it later.

Avoid these mistakes

Even minor mistakes in job search can cost you your opportunity. These are some mistakes you should avoid when applying for jobs.

Use a standard resume. Augustine said that you should tailor your cover letter and resume to the position because you are likely to be up against an ATS.

Leah Paul, Director of Marketing at Mediabistro, stated that tailoring your resume starts with understanding the job description.