How to the “Moon Drawing” in 5 Easy Steps


We are pleased to welcome you to our Moon Drawing Tutorial. We will be learning how to draw the Moon in just 5 steps. To be the first to receive our blog posts, sign up for our mailing list!

For centuries, the moon has been a fascination for humans. Many myths, literature, and songs have been made about it. The moon has even been worshipped by some people! Some even suggest that it’s made from cheese. This idea was created by who? They must have been wired up to the moon.

. This is a great exercise in drawing that’s both Cart Titan easy and enjoyable. This tutorial will walk you through the process step-by-step business internships with photos and a time-lapse video at end.

1. Moon Drawing Step 1 Draw a Circle in the Middle of the Page

2. Step 2: Moon Drawing Draw a cloud at the bottom of your moon

3. Moon Drawing Step 3 Fill in the Details Inside the Moon

4. Step 4: Shade in Your Crater Forms

5. Moon Drawing Step 5 Add in Some Details to the Night Sky

Step 1: Draw a circle in the middle of the page for the moon drawing

To keep things simple, we are going to draw the full moon.

A circle can be difficult to draw freehand. If you don’t have one, a compass is a great tool. You could also draw a circle around your favorite mug, glass, or baking cutter. You’d be surprised at how many circular objects you can find in your home!

Step 2: Draw a cloud at the bottom of your moon drawing

You will be placing your moon in a cloud. Draw the cloud shape as shown in this picture. To make your cloud appear more real, you can join a few small semi-circles together to create a fluffy outline. Each semi-circle should be different in size, as clouds can appear random and not symmetrical.

Step 3: Fill in the details inside the Moon

We will now add more detail on the interior of the moon. You can see interesting crater shapes in the moon’s interior if you have a clear night. This is what we will be creating.

Step 4: Shade in Your Crater Forms

To keep the pencil sketch simple, you can lean in more to make your moon craters look like shadows. You can colour in the moon drawing by using a darker color such as black or dark grey.

Step 5: Add some details to the Night Sky moon drawing

Here is the place to be creative and add your personal touches. To show how other clouds are being blown around by wind, you can add squiggly lines and a twinkling star.

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